About Us

Spallone Construction is a reputed husband and wife business that was founded in 1992. Based in Gunnison, Colorado, the company takes pride in excellent workmanship, extensive knowledge and superior customer service. The valuable experience and in depth skills that the team has acquired over years of service are unparalleled thus establishing Spallone Construction as trusted company in the region.

Spallone Construction provides a wide range of services and works with general contractors, private contractors, civil agencies and municipal offices. The team of experienced workers, at the company, is highly trained and knowledgeable. In keeping up with the new advances in the construction industry, the company uses the latest technology and equipment possible.

With a consistently higher quality of service and affordable pricing, Stallone Construction has been able to maintain a great reputation in the community. The company offers innovative choices that come with quicker and more efficient implementation as well as reduced costs.

Contact the customer service team at Spallone Construction today and let us know about your construction, maintenance, repair or installation requirements. Request a free quote from one of our specialists without any obligation.

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